This usually takes a month or two. When you do start your period, write down the date of the first day of your menstrual flow. Using the date of your last menstrual period (LMP) before a pregnancy is the easiest way to calculate your fetus's age since conception. In turn, fetal age is important to know when making a number of testing, treatment, and delivery decisions.

It is not unusual for some couples who are trying to have babies to experience difficulties. Dr. Judith Dallas, gynecologist/obstetrician at Gynae Associates in St. Andrew, Jamaica, has some tips on how couples can make healthy babies.

Step 1: Inform your doctor that you want to get pregnant

Did you ever think about your saliva as a personal treasure which can reveal details about you, your health, and even your emotional condition? Did you ever imagine that a simple test of saliva could hold the answer to whether or not you can become pregnant today…or even predict in some way the best time to have intercourse to conceive either a baby girl or boy? 

Whether you are trying to get pregnant with your significant other or not, you should be using a saliva ovulation test in order to monitor when you are most fertile and ovulating. The saliva testing method is effective, easy-to-use and can predict fertility with exceptional accuracy due to the distinct changes that happen to a woman’s saliva.

For couples that are trying to get pregnant, there can be a lot of stress involved in the situation. Unfortunately, pregnancies don’t always happen exactly when you want them to, but there are natural ways to assist conception methods so that you and your partner can get pregnant when you’re ready.

Using Natural Methods to Avoid Pregnancy

Despite there not being a lot of information out there on how to avoid or delay pregnancy with ovulation tracking, it is possible and can be done with an ovulation monitor in conjunction with the knowledge of a woman’s cycle.

How do I know when I am ovulating?


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