Having a child is a joyful and glorious experience for anyone, but for some people, it isn’t always the perfect time. When you’re aware that you’re not ready for children, doing what you can to avoid getting pregnant can be the best idea for you and your partner. Whether you’re unsure if the timing is right or you’re simply unable to care for a child, avoiding pregnancy can be done naturally so that you can wait for the right time. 

Using a saliva ovulation test is an easy and natural way to get a good idea on what days you will be most fertile. Planning intercourse around these times will help to reduce the risk of pregnancy. These tests are reusable, easy to use and almost 99 percent accurate.

Keep track of your cycle on a calendar. This method helps you get a general idea of when your cycle begins and ends and how long it is going to be. Since your cycle usually comes around the same time each month, you can get an idea of any kinds of patterns your cycle shows.

Read about fertility and understanding ovulation is one of the crucial factors in learning how to avoid getting pregnant. It's hard to know what to look for or how your cycle affects your ability to get pregnant, but when you do a little bit of research, you can begin to understand your own body more. Recording your cycle's information will be more helpful once you have an idea how fertility and natural contraception truly works.