Did you ever think about your saliva as a personal treasure which can reveal details about you, your health, and even your emotional condition? Did you ever imagine that a simple test of saliva could hold the answer to whether or not you can become pregnant today…or even predict in some way the best time to have intercourse to conceive either a baby girl or boy? 

Today, saliva tests can be used to assess the condition of your health. Salivary diagnostics has developed into a dynamic field in the diagnosis of oral and systemic diseases. More often the use of oral fluids is becoming a method of diagnosis, disease monitoring, and decision making for patient care. But the most important aspect is that saliva testing has become more popular for use in home test devices such as to monitor a woman’s ovulation cycle and personal fertility. 

Salivary diagnostics has been the subject of recent meetings with the New York Academy of Sciences. It has evolved into a sophisticated science, and serves as a subset of the larger field of molecular diagnostics. Molecular diagnostics feeds into a wide range of disciplines including drug development and personalized medicine, and plays a major role in the discovery of biomarkers for the diagnosis of oral and systemic diseases. It’s already proven that most of the biomarkers present in blood and urine can also be detected in a sample of saliva. 

Previously, a patient examination was obtained by a physician and sent out to a clinical diagnostic laboratory for chemical analysis of blood and/or urine samples. After some time, the laboratory report is sent to the physician who then discloses the results to the patient. Usually oral (saliva) samples are only taken if there is suspicion of an oral infection or a mucosal biopsy is performed if an oral issue is suspected. However, there has been increasing interest in the use of saliva for the diagnosis of oral and systemic diseases because saliva is easy to collect and does not require invasive procedures. 

The salivary diagnostic tests currently available include a variety of hormonal, ovulation, HIV, DNA and alcohol tests. Each test requires a small amount of saliva and produces rapid and very accurate results. Most saliva hormone tests can uncover biochemical imbalances that can be the underlying causes of conditions such as chronic stress, adrenal fatigue, anxiety, chronic fatigue, obesity, diabetes, depression, insomnia, and many other chronic conditions. 

In 2010, the NIH funded two exciting new studies including “Salivary biomarkers for early oral cancer detection”. The result of such studies is the possibility that cancer, heart disease and diabetes can soon be diagnosed using a simple spit test. Researchers say using saliva samples could help save time and money for both patients and doctors, because it means more people would have access to preliminary medical examinations through testing of their saliva. 

One of the saliva hormone tests is for perimenopause, menopause and andropause. Knowing your hormone levels using saliva is an important first step in assessing where your hormones may be out of balance and determining whether your current natural hormone regimen is working for you. If you are wondering whether certain symptoms may be due to a hormone imbalance, saliva testing is a quick, easy, and accurate way to find out. 

When a woman has difficulty conceiving, the most common reasons is that her estrogen hormone level is too high or too low. Using the KNOWNEN® Saliva Ovulation Test and monitoring those results on the will help a woman observe the biological effect of the estrogen hormone level which is correlated with her ovulation cycle (“FERN” effect). Saliva testing is more accurate than urine tests for checking ovulation because it’s not based on chemicals but rather reads your natural biological rhythm. According to a Clinical Study that was published in 2015 in the U.S. THE DETECTION OF A SALIVARY FERNING PATTERN USING THE KNOWHEN OVULATION MONITORING SYSTEM AS AN INDICATOR OF OVULATION” it was indicated that the presence or absence of a ferning pattern in saliva correlated or was the same as the actual documentation of ovulation using transvaginal ultrasound examination and blood tests.

 Today, saliva testing is replacing many traditional testing methods. Currently, the most common method to evaluate your steroid hormone levels is with a blood test. However, hormone saliva testing has many advantages to blood testing and it’s highly accurate (92-96% accuracy rate). Hormone saliva testing is much more convenient because it does not require a blood draw and it can be done in the privacy of your home. Saliva is also stable and viable for several weeks and when necessary it gives you the ability to collect more than one specimen within 24 hours. 

Wouldn’t you agree that saliva testing is much better and safer than other testing methods? 

Another saliva tests available today is for testing Adrenal Hormones. The hormones your adrenal glands produce help to regulate your reaction to stress. Levels of the main adrenal hormone cortisol, rise and fall in a daily pattern that underlies the more erratic fluctuations caused by the stress response. Cortisol output by your adrenal glands is one of the most reliable indicators of your adrenal function and how well your body is dealing with stress. The Cortisol/DHEAS Saliva Test measures the level of the stress hormones DHEAS and cortisol in your saliva, and provides an evaluation of how cortisol levels differ throughout the day. 

By using a sample of saliva, you can measure a number of hormones such as Estrogen and Progesterone. The Estrogen hormone is responsible for many the functions in the body such as relief of menopausal symptoms and protects against osteoporosis, heart disease, Alzheimer's disease, colon cancer, incontinence and tooth loss. The Progesterone hormone enhances mental acuity and memory as well as increases serotonin and endorphin levels. 

Saliva tests could: 

- Revolutionize the way serious diseases are currently diagnosed 

- Lead to much earlier diagnosis and treatment 

- Be more convenient for patients as they wouldn't need to see a doctor for testing - they would just swab their mouth and send the sample away for analysis or spit on the lens and have the results in minutes 

After being in the fertility field for more than 15 years and meeting with thousands of women, I would like to stress to you the importance of checking your body’s hormone balance. Test it regularly! Millions of women wake up each morning with the same question: “Am I able to get pregnant today?” Now you know that the answer is in your saliva and it’s a good habit to test it daily. By checking one drop of your saliva every morning you can understand your biological functions and better manage your personal family planning goals at every stage of your life. I learned about it 16 years ago and the whole science world has known about it since 1945. Now you know too. 

I will continue repeating: “It is the 21st Century. You can stop guessing and take control of your fertility and therefore your life! You can unlock the secret of your unique body and enjoy the Freedom of Choices and Peace of Mind regarding your health and personal fertility.”