EVA's BLOG 2022

The increasing number of fertility products and apps that have hit the market in recent years are helping women get healthy, optimize their fertility, and become more aware of their cycles— which is one of the biggest obstacles in treating infertility, according to Aimee Raupp, a licensed acupuncturist, women's health and fertility expert and author of “Yes, You Can Get Pregnant: How to Improve Your Fertility Now & Into Your 40s.”

The only drawback? Stress. When women become almost obsessed with tracking their fertile days, it can make them anxious and take the fun out of sex.

“Knowledge is power but sometimes too much knowledge can be paralyzing,” Raupp said.

FDA-approved and U.S. clinically-tested, the KNOWHEN Saliva Fertility Monitor ($49.99) uses a small amount of saliva to determine when you’re ovulating. The Personal Ovulation App lets you input the days you ovulated and had sex. Available on iPhone and their web version.