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Having an innovative, easy to use, saliva ovulation fertility test with 98.9% proven clinical accuracy in the USA, is the most natural way to determine your five most fertile days.

Ovulation Cycle

KNOWHEN® Advanced Saliva Ovulation Test is an excellent monitoring tool when you want to become pregnant. It is reusable everyday which saves you the cost of buying single use ovulation test strips and also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

To increase your chances of conceiving through a natural contraceptive method, you should know your ovulation cycle which can vary from person to person.


Monitor your overall well-being

Using the KNOWHEN® Advanced Ovulation Test will allow you to know when:

  • You can conceive based on your five (5) most fertile days
  • You are not fertile
  • To expect your menstrual period
  • You accidentally ovulate if using hormonal contraception
  • To seek medical advice if you detect ovulation irregularities


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