For couples that are trying to get pregnant, there can be a lot of stress involved in the situation. Unfortunately, pregnancies don’t always happen exactly when you want them to, but there are natural ways to assist conception methods so that you and your partner can get pregnant when you’re ready.

Using Natural Methods to Avoid Pregnancy

Despite there not being a lot of information out there on how to avoid or delay pregnancy with ovulation tracking, it is possible and can be done with an ovulation monitor in conjunction with the knowledge of a woman’s cycle.

How do I know when I am ovulating?

Whether you are trying to get pregnant with your significant other or not, you should be using a saliva ovulation test in order to monitor when you are most fertile and ovulating. The saliva testing method is effective, easy-to-use and can predict fertility with exceptional accuracy due to the distinct changes that happen to a woman’s saliva.

Anett Breczko, the author of Before I Got Pregnant: Hormones, HSG and IUIs, has join Eva's World Fertility Community to share her experience on dealing with infertility issues for over 3 years and her stories of her TTC journey. Her experience would be a valuable resource for those who are trying to get pregnant to learn more about fertility and get inspired. Take a look at her stories and share this interview with your friends and family.

Having a child is a joyful and glorious experience for anyone, but for some people, it isn’t always the perfect time. When you’re aware that you’re not ready for children, doing what you can to avoid getting pregnant can be the best idea for you and your partner. Whether you’re unsure if the timing is right or you’re simply unable to care for a child, avoiding pregnancy can be done naturally so that you can wait for the right time. 

Natural methods of family planning can be beneficial in a few different ways. Completing a saliva ovulation test daily can increase your chances of understanding the natural flow of your body. Here are a few benefits to using KNOWHEN® when trying to conceive or looking for a natural family planning solution:


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